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JSLY® is a leading China box type diesel generator set manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. The box type diesel generator set has remarkable noise reduction performance. The multi-layer shielding impedance mismatch sound insulation cover reduces the impact of noise generated by machine operation on users.

Box type diesel generator set scope of application: Places with high noise reduction requirements, such as densely populated urban residential areas, high-end office buildings, hotels, scientific research institutions, hospitals, etc. Low noise diesel generator sets adopt noise reduction technical measures such as shock isolation, sound attenuation, sound insulation and sound absorption to reduce their noise indicators.

The overall design of box type diesel generator set is compact in structure, small in size, novel and beautiful in shape. Multi layer shielding impedance mismatched sound insulation cover. Efficient noise reduction multiple inlet and outlet channels, ensuring sufficient power performance of the unit. The integrated fuel tank can be conveniently moved for fuel supply and maintenance.

The box type diesel generator set can replace the machine room construction, shorten the construction period, and provide convenient standby power supply. Reduce noise and enhance user experience.
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Low Noise Diesel Generator Set

Low Noise Diesel Generator Set

As the professional manufacturers, JSLY® would like to provide you high quality Low Noise Diesel Generator Set. And we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. The low noise diesel generator set has a beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, and excellent workmanship.

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JSLY is a professional Box Type Diesel Generator Set manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale discount Box Type Diesel Generator Set from our factory. In addition to providing free sample, we can also provide customized services. Our products are all of high quality, and we have our own brands.
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