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Find a huge selection of high voltage generator from China at JSLY®. A high voltage generator is a machine that can convert mechanical and electrical energy into each other.

High voltage generators have the characteristics of good voltage waveform, superior dynamic performance, high efficiency, compact structure, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, long service life, and good economic performance. At the same time, it has excellent grid connection function and is widely used in environmental power generation, ships, petroleum, engineering machinery, power energy, mobile power stations, power systems and other important fields. It has good performance and high reliability in various environments.

Performance and characteristics

1. High output voltage

The high voltage generator can output 6.3KV-10KV, with a wide range of output power.

2. Low output current

The same rated apparent power is output, and the line current provided by the high voltage generator is only one-fifth of the line current of the low-voltage generator. The current is small, and the power loss on the transmission line is small. The cross-sectional area of the transmission and distribution cables can be much smaller, which is conducive to long-distance transmission and can save corresponding raw materials.

3. Professional maintenance requirements

The use and maintenance of high-voltage equipment are strict, so management or control personnel should receive training from high-voltage electrical professionals. In work, especially when handling and testing high-voltage equipment on site, it is necessary to strictly follow the process and specifications to wear protective tools.
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500KW-3000KW High Voltage Generator

500KW-3000KW High Voltage Generator

High quality 500KW-3000KW High Voltage Generator is offered by China manufacturers JSLY®. Buy 500KW-3000KW High Voltage Generator which is of high quality directly with low price. We have cooperated with multiple excellent supporting suppliers and received unanimous praise from customers.

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JSLY is a professional High Voltage Generator manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to wholesale discount High Voltage Generator from our factory. In addition to providing free sample, we can also provide customized services. Our products are all of high quality, and we have our own brands.
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