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Old customer renews a high-voltage 2400KW generator


Customers choose our high-voltage generators, which typically have a longer lifespan than low-voltage generators. The current of high-voltage generators is relatively small during operation, resulting in relatively small losses. The degree of wear and aging of mechanical components is also relatively low, resulting in a relatively long lifespan. Using high voltage with the same electrical power can reduce the loss of power lines, thereby reducing energy loss and cost.

During operation, high-voltage generators typically have higher power factors. Power factor is a parameter that measures the ability of an electric motor to effectively utilize power. High power factor means more effective energy utilization, reducing energy loss during the energy conversion process.

High voltage generators usually use high-speed generators, so they can achieve higher rotor speeds during operation. High rotational speed means higher mechanical power output, making it easier to cope with high-power demands.

The advantages of high-voltage generators are relatively prominent, which has become the reason why most customers choose high-voltage generators.