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Full of Love, Mid Autumn Festival Celebrating National Day


Humming and singing, "The five star red flag flutters in the wind, and the song of victory is so loud! Sing of our dear motherland, moving towards prosperity and strength from now on.

In the golden autumn of October, we welcome the celebration of our motherland, the celebration of the Chinese people, the glory of the descendants of the dragon, the beautiful and beautiful rivers and mountains, the perfect display of traditional culture and technology, and the writing of a new chapter.

On this holiday season, I would like to express my gratitude to every member of the company for their love and dedication to the company. The development of the company cannot be separated from each member's contributions and suggestions to its development! We have a glorious yesterday, and the future of the company will definitely be more full of vitality and hope. With everyone's joint efforts, we will be able to overcome various difficulties, take this as the starting point, open a new chapter of development, achieve new leaps, keep up with the times, and create brilliance again!

Honor belongs to the past, responsibility belongs to the present, and achievements belong to the future. The purpose of our big family is "unity, pragmatism, service, and innovation", and the purpose of our employees is: hard work leads to success; Struggled, never regretful!

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our new and old customers for their trust and support in the various low-voltage pure copper brushless generators, high-voltage generators, diesel generator sets, and generator accessories produced by our company. Your trust and support are a continuous driving force in our pursuit of product excellence.

May everyone relax during the holiday and bring our company's best wishes to your family! Wishing everyone a happy holiday!