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Timely delivery of a batch of box diesel generator sets


At 10:00 am on November 16th, a batch of box diesel generator sets from our company will be shipped soon.

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of severe production and operation pressure, our company's marketing team and production and manufacturing department have responded quickly, carefully analyzed and evaluated the market environment and future trends, and actively responded to market challenges, found the right direction, and worked hard to overcome difficulties while ensuring stable production. Through multiple negotiations, our company's marketing team learned about the demand for this batch of orders. In the end, our company stood out with high-quality manufacturing services and successfully secured orders.

During the production process, all processes are fully coordinated and strictly controlled to ensure that the performance, size, appearance, surface quality, and other indicators of the unit meet the standards. Equipment inspection before production, monitoring process during production, strict inspection after production, and quality control throughout the entire process. We have streamlined our work and quickly fulfilled this batch of orders while ensuring quality.

The following diagram shows the shipment site of our company's box diesel generator set: